Thursday, 23 August 2012

Support, in 10 lines!

Support comes in many forms, support tights, support knickers, support bras, support slips, etc.

I was at a fortieth birthday party at the weekend and realised how much of my friends and I rely on this extra support to look slinky in our party gear.

One of the most important forms of support is those friends. They can be as good as the best pair of tuck-you-in undergarments you can invest in.  

Now friends, I am not saying you are like my knickers that I want to sit on you. Nor do I want you to hug my bottom, but you hold me in when I am ready to fall apart. Those all-in-one support slips are like getting a big hug from a best friend when it’s badly needed. Good friends are like a good bra, close to my heart and underwired to perk me up when my mood is sagging.  

So invest… in good support underwear and in your friends like they invest in you. The rewards will be a more together, tucked in, perked up you, to show to the world.

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  1. What a great piece, I laughed heartily at this post. It is all so true. A 'deep insight' into true friendship! Well done Marie, keep them coming girl.