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My Writing Process Blog Hop #MyWritingProcess

Today is my turn on #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour, where writers and authors answer questions about their writing processes. I was invited to take part in this by a great writing friend of mine Daniel Kaye, who posted about his work last week He is an inspirational writer that I have learned a lot from. His dedication to writing is absolute. It is definitely worth taking a look at his writing process too. His novel I, Vladimir is due out later this year from Gentry Publishing. Not only that, he is working on the second in the series Anonymous Jack. I have the pleasure of writing in the company of Daniel and another writer Mary T. Bradford in our local library and as such glean from their vast knowledge.



Before telling you about my writing process, I’d like to fill you in on with what #MyWritingProcess means:


“We writers share these things, but informally during workshops and at conferences (and, for a handful of established writers, in printed interviews), but not so much through our open-forum blogs. With the hashtag #MyWritingProcess, you can learn how writers all over the world answer the same four questions. How long it takes one to write a novel, why romance is a fitting genre for another, how one’s playlist grows as the draft grows, why one’s poems are often sparked by distress over news headlines or oddball facts learned on Facebook…”



What am I working on?


I have my fingers in a couple of pies at the moment, one of which is Who Won the War? This is a one act play that I converted from a short story. It is in the final editing stage and is due for its rehearsed reading in July this year at the famous Friars' Gate Theatre in Co. Limerick. I’m also working on the second in a series of crime thrillers, the first one is entitled No Time to Cry. One of the main characters from this one, Detective Sharon North returns to investigate more crimes. This next one is yet untitled but it will come to me as the story unfolds. The first in the series No Time to Cry shines a light on Ireland as a destination for the international crime of human trafficking. Young girls are conveyed from earthquake ravaged Haiti, after being recruited via a local hospital. This hospital was set up as a front to offer medical relief to these girls and their families. Detective Garda Sharon North and Detective Sergeant Dave Richards investigate as the perpetrators try to escape justice and commit more crimes along the way. Assistance comes from an unlikely source and they suspect that one offender is within their own ranks.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?


This is set in a fictional police station in Ireland. The main character is female. She is very capable and has to focus on her tasks without bringing her own personal feelings into play.  Human Trafficking is a harrowing crime and a very real and dangerous threat to young vulnerable girls. Because of this it was important for me to highlight the issue.


Why do I write what I do?


I’ve discovered the love of this genre. I find the research fascinating and what I have learned on the journey of writing this novel is amazing. It has made me more aware of certain issues and I found people in the know most accommodating to my queries and questions. My first novel Subtle Changes is a psychological thriller and while I loved writing this, I think the crime area is my forte.


How does my writing process work?


Some writers get ultra-organised before they start and know exactly how they want the story to go. However, I have discovered that this is not for me. I prefer to write as if I am reading the novel for the first time and let the twists and turns unfold as I go along. Also, write what you know and if you don’t then find a way to research, but enjoy your subject. If you do not, it will show. You cannot expect a reader to get excited about your topic if it does not excite you.


Then, read it over as three people: the writer, the reader and the critic. This requires you to step back, give your writing some space and revisit it with fresh eyes. When you do this do not be afraid to cut what doesn’t work. Do not discard what you cut, keep a separate ‘cuts folder’ because you never know, it might work elsewhere. (Thank you Daniel Kaye for this particular piece of advice).


Most importantly don’t be afraid to get your bum in that seat and start writing, you’d be amazed at what you can unlock.


Finally my other piece of advice would be to connect with other writers, you will learn so much and I haven’t met a writer yet who isn’t generous and giving with advice and encouragement.



Next up I’d like to introduce you to two writing buddies of mine, both of whom are in America.


First up is the multi-talented Natalie Buske Thomas. She is an accomplished artist, and regularly posts youtube clips of her process, and of course the writer of the Serena Wilcox series which is available on Amazon


Psst … If you are lucky enough to be a member of Charleville library, there is a copy of her trilogy available there. 


I’ll let her tell you more…


Bio: Natalie Buske Thomas is the author of suspenseful, clever, humorous and "seriously creepy" contemporary time travel fiction and mystery novels, and the artist of oil paintings, book covers, and picture book illustrations. Journey into her imagination in this short video:



Connect with Natalie through her blog:




The next person I have the pleasure of introducing you to is Jaime Buckley. Another multi-talented artist who writes epic fantasy novels and creates games. Check out


He tells it best….


Jaime Buckley is a husband, father of 12, and the creator of For more than 20 years he's been teaching, uplifting and inspiring youth and for the past ten years, done so through epic fantasy stories. 13 comics, 2 graphic novels and 10 books later, he's just getting started. With a passion for the human soul, he makes a full time living as an Indie Author and game creator. Check out his daily blog at or follow him on Twitter, @wantedhero." 


Connect with Jaime through his blog


We are also part of the Square Peg Writers:

"Anything but Ordinary!" The Square Peg Writers are 6 storytellers, artists and poets who are anything but ordinary.

You can check us out on twitter and Facebook and please share your work with us, we’d love to see what you have.


As you can see, I love surrounding myself with like-minded people

as it encourages creativity and talent, that is when I work at my best.

Thank you for visiting.

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Follow Our Journey: Meet Natalie Buske Thomas

Follow Our Journey: Meet Natalie Buske Thomas: Have you ever noticed that there are just some creative personalities you just can't put in a box? You call them writer and suddenly...

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Problems with managing your writing time?

Check out this article by Andrew De Young in the Huffington post about starting a writing habit that sticks.

He lists eight achievable points:

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Words with JAM: Victoria Strauss - Writer Beware!

Check out his brilliant article on what to be careful of when publishing from Victoria Strauss on Words with Jam:

Words with JAM: Victoria Strauss - Writer Beware!: Victoria Strauss, co-founder and Vice-Chair of SFWA’s Committee on Writing Scams, is the author of eight novels for adults and young adult...

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So, you've signed that contract for your novel ...

So, you have been lucky enough to have signed a good contract for you novel. If your publishing company is in the U.S there are some important points about Tax that you need to know.

Check out this very helpful post from author Daniel Kaye on .

Keep in touch with for other useful pieces of advice and various blogs.

About Daniel Kaye:

DANIEL KAYE  grew up in London but now works and lives in Charleville, Co. Cork. He has been writing for a number of years and has been published in numerous anthologies both in Ireland and the USA. Daniel's first novel I, Vladimir is due for release from Gentry Publishing in autumn 2014. He is currently working on his second novel, Anonymous Jack.

You can read more about Daniel

Twitter page

Daniel blogs at


Facebook Author Page


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The Results are in Fish Short Story Prize

Congratulations to all!!

2014 Shortlists & Longlists

SHORT STORY PRIZE Longlist - Shortlist - Winners

WINNERS Fish Short Story Prize 2013/14

Claire Kilroy has chosen the following stories to be published in the 2014 Fish Anthology.
I was drawn to stories that were inventive in terms of language, imagery and plot, stories that possessed sparks of brilliance. The ones that made the anthology were not necessarily the most polished, or the strongest in terms of narrative technique – indeed, some of them are still a little raw and lack a satisfactory structure. Instead, I picked the stories that arrested my imagination by showcasing an arresting imagination themselves. I was struck by how funny many of them are, several of them joyously so – they are madcap and eccentric and great fun. Others – despite restrained and elegant prose – managed to be devastating. All of them are the work of writers with talent.
Claire Kilroy

Taylor Keith by David Butler
The Nod by Barry Troy
Horse Latitudes by Aongus Murtagh

A Paper Husband by Georgina Eddison
Gomorrah Shade by Michael Crossan
The Crane by Sarah Quigley
The Words by Simon Cornish
Two’d up by Ann Jolly
Venom by Oana Aristide
Whenever I Close my Eyes by James Heaney

SHORTLIST Fish Short Story Prize 2013/14

83 stories shortlisted
(1,560 stories submitted in total)
Frogs; The CityAengus Murray
StalkerAlena Abrosimova
A clerical errorAmanda Nicol
Motel QAndrew Foster
Two'd upAnn Jolly
No Church in the WildAnne Corlett
The Pacific MadronaAnne Elliott
EventyrAnnie lindberg
Abaddon and JemimaAntonio Chavez
Horse latitudesAongus Murtagh
The ScreamBaret Magarian
The NodBarry Troy
Horses In Field And The LikeBrian Leeson
The Quicken TreeCarol Farrelly
Train in the NightChris Franks
Safe HousesChristine Powell
Served ColdClaire Bolderson
Taylor KeithDavid Butler
RepatriationDavid Hardy
Stealing ApplesDavid ODwyer
Stale PeachesDavid ODwyer
A Little Trouble with the SpiritsDeborah Cameron
Fallon's WoodDonna Triggs
The TuskEarle McCartney
Hear all evil, see all, speak noneElisheva Stanton
HomingEwan Gault
Xanthippe's Western RoadFiona Ni Conchubhair
The Oguri DietGeoff Smith
Pity The Poor Strugglergeorge Pirie
A Paper HusbandGeorgina Eddison
Sex Queen of Johwnstown LaneGraham Tugwell
Nothing Like MeGrainne Murphy
Frank & AlfieGrainne Murphy
Lost SoulsI. Michael Gurin
Till Night Again Meets Day on Equal TermsIan Craine
What You Don't See Is What You GetItohan Ellis
Whenever I Close My EyesJames Heaney
Dear John, I've fallen for a dog.Jane Harrington
Monkey BoyJanine Mikosza
Theresa's Special NightJohn Rutter
An Alsatian on Roller SkatesJulie Chilver
PlayoffsKelly Creighton
Fortune's DaughterKelly Fordon
The WaitKyle Martin Jones
Flatrock 1979Lukas Jackson
EstrangementMarianne O’Rourke
Butcher's CreekMark Smith
The Frog - a parableMartin Day
Over the WallMaura O'Brien
The Amber BirdMaureen Cashman
Gomorrah ShadeMichael Crossan
Only Three Billion DreamsMichael Forester
Boy at the WindowMichael Romyn
TessMichael Wilson
Last Christmas In BarrieNatalya Anderson
A Good BeatingNeil Cubley
4AMNikki Mottram
The Tomb of the Tomb BuildersNina Milton
VenomOana Aristide
CatPat O'Connor
Now more than everPatrick Wakeling
The Thin LinePauline Rooney
The IslandPeter Rodgers
MoonlightRic Carter
An Uncertain State.Ruth Geldard
The Date MateRuth Hayhurst
The Arrow of TimeSara Baker
The CraneSarah Quigley
The Dead Animals RegisterSeth Insua
Little Andy's CrySeth Insua
The WordsSimon Cornish
One Hour, Three Times a WeekSonal Aggarwal
The Smell of People SleepingSophie Hampton
The True Source of the Great Chicago Fire
by Seamus McManus
Steve Wiley
Across The Rio NegroSue Cosgrave
Killing TimeSue Cosgrave
Stew and DumplingsSusan Shepherd
A Love Of ArtToby Roebuck
Dogs, Ducks and DrakesVal Jones
The MotorbikeWolfgang eulitz
The Car SalesmanWolfgang eulitz

LONGLIST Fish Short Story Prize 2013/14

389 stories longlisted
(1,560 stories submitted in total)
VACE (Albert Charles) BAKER
A Short Celebration of Death and LifeAdam Connors
The Ultimate BallastAE Gray
The Woman Who Was Not My GirlfriendAengus Murray
HoWLAengus Murray
Frogs; The CityAengus Murray
The Afterlife of TreesAgnieszka Dale
Oh, To Be Young AgainAlan O'Gorman
Divine Power of Ccumbers in TehranAlbert Azarmi
StalkerAlena Abrosimova
The Thirteenth PaintingAlex Heron
Seven Facts About WaterAlex Ruczaj
There are women for everythingAlice Ryan
The Smell of RainAlison Earls
The Deceptionalison quigley
InspirationAlun Evans
SnowstormAmanda Kennedy
What We Hold in Our HandsAmanda Murphy
A clerical errorAmanda Nicol
The Fading LightAmna Khokher
Redeemed IslandAndrea Baldwin
ReckoningAndrea Stephenson
Motel QAndrew Foster
A CigaretteAndrew Watson
Two'd upAnn Jolly
Bound for DamnationAnna BLack
ProneAnna Kalinski
Fantasy HusbandsAnnabel Abbs
Terse Brown MouseAnne Calcagno
Real Gone KidAnne Caughey
No Church in the WildAnne Corlett
RaceAnne Dixey
The Pacific MadronaAnne Elliott
Step Up To The PlateAnne O'Brien
Eventyrannie lindberg
Abaddon and JemimaAntonio Chavez
Horse latitudesAongus Murtagh
The ScreamBaret Magarian
Playing the GhostBarnaby Walsh
The NodBarry Troy
Peacock FeathersBea Davenport
ForgivenessBeth Bosworth
A Sudden FallBilly Fenton
Seein' RedBren Gosling
Horses In Field And The LikeBrian Leeson
Ava's KernelCarly Anne West
The Quicken TreeCarol Farrelly
The Blessing of the RodsCarol Jones
Plein SudCarol McKay
BlackthornsCaroline Finn
An Epistle from the Holding HouseCaroline Kinya Mbaya
Rendezvous CafeCary Hodgkinson
ZoeCary Reynolds
Clear ReflectionCathriona Slammon
Things you don't need to knowCelia Coyne
BLIGHTCeline Gibson
Naked CherieCharlie Hopkinson
All That Has Gonecharlotte macneil
One Night at DinnerCheryl Moss
Train in the NightChris Franks
The Black DoorChristina George
Dexter Bingchristina Sanders
Safe HousesChristine Powell
Served ColdClaire Bolderson
BonkersClar Ni Chonghaile
What We Fought ForClare Fielder
A Social ConstructClare O'Dea
The Modern Wayclare reddaway
The Good Friday AgreementCliff Chen
Life In A CageColm McDermott
One Train May Conceal AnotherCormac James
The Syntax of Lighthouse KeepersDaisy Johnson
The TeacherDalton Bryant
The Beatin' PathDamian Sebouhian
MalebolgeDaniel Cooke
The Piece Titled "The Crooked Man"Danny Ward
Crow HuntingDaphne Kalmar
Taylor KeithDavid Butler
Crossing the RubiconDavid Chasumba
RepatriationDavid Hardy
The Girl on the BenchDavid Nixon
The Attic RoomDavid ODwyer
Stealing ApplesDavid ODwyer
Stale PeachesDavid ODwyer
Taking the BlameDavid Wilkes
FirefliesDavyd Morris
Big BonesDawn Nicholson
HomecomingDearbhaile Houston
A Little Trouble with the SpiritsDeborah Cameron
ChutneyDebz Hobbs-Wyatt
Self StorageDemetrios Matheou
The Mining Engineer's WifeDennis Nau
Fallon's WoodDonna Triggs
ONE SHOTduncan ross
The TuskEarle McCartney
Lone TravellerEdith Anderson
White NoiseEleanor Talbot
Peter the ShoemakerElena Horas San Martin
St. Bride'sElena Soto
The AncestorsElena Soto
The Hands of the SaviorEli Hastings
Looking at the South Side of the Moon. Elisheva Stanton
Hear all evil, see all, speak noneElisheva Stanton
Peace in MozambiqueElizabeth Rider
The NannyEnid Harlow
Loaves and FishesEoin Devereux
The Cheese LadiesEricka Olsen Stefano
It Flowers BrieflyErin Ryan
PatrickErskine Villiers
The Melancholy Man with the Muddy BootsEsther Freeman
Unusual SuspectsEugen Bacon
The Water TribunalEve Vamvas
HomingEwan Gault
Chris Andersonfiona macleod
Xanthippe's Western RoadFiona Ni Conchubhair
The Searchfiona stevenson
The Book of AshesFleur Smithwick
THE SCOOPFrances Kenny
Last Chance (At the Amaryllis Hotel)Fulham Ryan
The King of FriesGarret Dwyer-Joyce
Grace UnclothedGay Johnson
Reliefgemma carroll
The Oguri DietGeoff Smith
Pity The Poor Strugglergeorge Pirie
BadgerGeorge Tuohy
A Paper HusbandGeorgina Eddison
On the BrinkGeraldine Daly
Dawn ManGeraldine Terry
The Fruit SconeGerry Hughes
Death of a blue-titGill Blow
The CatchGraeme Finnie
Sex Queen of Johwnstown LaneGraham Tugwell
Nothing Like MeGrainne Murphy
Frank & AlfieGrainne Murphy
Splitting The WinGreer Morpeth
StrawberriesGregory Jackson
The JugglerGregory Jackson
PiratesGregory Jackson
BundleHarriet Kline
November LeavesHayley Burrell
The Yellow Piece of PaperHeather Newby
A Dish Served ColdHelen Howard
The QuestHelen McGoldrick
StonerHoratio Potter
PropagandaHugh Fulham-McQuillan
Lost SoulsI. Michael Gurin
Till Night Again Meets Day on Equal TermsIan Craine
The StrokeIan Prior
The Colour of SummerIsabel Turvey
What You Don't See Is What You GetItohan Ellis
Bad HabitsIvana Anastasovska
Clear outJames Fogarty
The FightJames Hanes
Whenever I Close My EyesJames Heaney
BondholdersJames Patterson
Becoming an AmericanJames Patterson
Colwill's CoachesJane Fraser
Dear John, I've fallen for a dog.Jane Harrington
Minding Other People's BusinessJane Schorah
TwispJanice McCachen
Monkey BoyJanine Mikosza
Sundays at Dante'sJared Lollar
NecronautJason Batt
EVER AFTERJean Blasiar
The Management of Difficult Women - A Genealogical StudyJenny Hetherington
Can't say no to a dying manJenny Toune
ArmourJessica Traynor
AliensJim Thomev
ButtonsJo Barril
WarJo Ely
The Night PicnicJoanna Campbell
The Rain and the RosesJoe Mc Kiernan
Moving ImagesJoe Mc Kiernan
Like Robert De NiroJohn Gray
Fran's ReturnJohn Langan
Theresa's Special NightJohn Rutter
JourneysJose Ho
Little FavoursJulia Rampen
In the Name of the FatherJuliana Feaver
An Alsatian on Roller SkatesJulie Chilver
Killing Him SoftlyJulie Kearney
Lake Pontchartraink Lockwood Jefford
Small Beach PerspectiveKat Dawes
SohoKate Forlong
Land of the CoconutKate Forlong
DIFFERENCEKathleen Kertin
LAUGHING JACKKathleen Kertin
Shopping TripKathryn Burke
Under EdenKathryn Johns
Marked OutKathy O’Donnell
A Eulogy for Robert TaylorKeith Lewis
PlayoffsKelly Creighton
Fortune's DaughterKelly Fordon
TentKelly McCaughrain
Master ClassKerrie Salaun
The Shoe Shine BoysKerry Barner
Watch FaceKevin Smith
In This SignKieran McGuire
Defending ErisKim Kolarich
Goddesskira messell
SarabandeKit Coldstream
The WaitKyle Martin Jones
Mother MakeoverLaura Rock
The Transcripts of VenusLaura Solomon
The GuttersnipeLaura Windley
Rabnatt and the Lost Art of CommunicationLindsay Waller-Wilkinson
HeatLindsay Waller-Wilkinson
TwitcherLindsay Waller-Wilkinson
Snowing LeavesLisa de Jong
Liquid LaughterLisa Harding
The VisitorLisa Harding
Something about SimonLisa Harding
LegacyLori Vos
COMING OUTLouise Marburg
Flatrock 1979Lukas Jackson
PulpLuke Melia
Bird BrainsMaggie Ling
One SlipMaggie Ling
The OfficeMaggie Veness
StarfishMairin Stronge
Toss the Feathers at Joe MacNaughton's WakeMandy de Waal
Billy BoysMandy McAleese
ArrivalManuel Carreon
GameshowMarc Jones
Not YouMargaret Ferguson
Mother Told MeMaria Thomas
EstrangementMarianne O’Rourke
The Feathered ManMarie Alvarado
Aqua VitaeMarie Gethins
HuntingMarjorie K. Kennedy
La MorenaMark Scott
Twisted WovenMark Smith
Butcher's CreekMark Smith
Sennen CoveMartin Brett
The Frog - a parableMartin Day
The ViewingMartin Dodd
PositanoMartina Ryan
How Green Was Your Traffic LightMatt Benville
Over the Wallmaura o'brien
The Amber BirdMaureen Cashman
The HirelingMaureen Gallagher
Wise WomenMaureen Kermode
Ninety-Nine SongsMelanie Schwapp
II Cycles: FaerytaleMelanie Steynberg
GUNS AND ROSESmelanie whipman
The ConsultationMelanie White
Let there be no noMichael Bird
Gomorrah ShadeMichael Crossan
A VocationMichael Cumiskey
Some Go DancingMichael Davis
Patriot in Their MidstMichael Dwyer
Only Three Billion DreamsMichael Forester
PaintingMichael Lawlor
Boy at the WindowMichael Romyn
Hooked by a HoardingMichael Weatherilt
TessMichael Wilson
IDYLLMichelle Scorziello
The Lock-DownMike Carter
The End of SoapMike Wendling
The DanceMimi Whittaker
The Blue RectangleMonika Pant
The LessonMorgan Davies
HeathensMorowa Yejide
Another WorldMzana Mthimkhulu
Last Christmas In BarrieNatalya Anderson
Hero to zeroNed Bright
A Good Beatingneil cubley
The GlasshouseNeil Hegarty
UnderNiamh Donnelly
The Great Turkey Shoot-outnichole beauchamp
Song DCNick Fonos
Paper BoatsNike Sulway
Coming HomeNikita Eaton-Lusignan
4AMNikki Mottram
Last Officesnina milton
The Tomb of the Tomb Buildersnina milton
Eggsnollaig rowan
The BackpackerOana Aristide
VenomOana Aristide
The Opposite Of OmniscienceOwain Paciuszko
The Universe Hums in B-FlatPaddy Scott
HorsesPat O'Connor
The Museum of Future ArtPat O'Connor
TulipsPat O'Connor
BoxesPat O'Connor
CatPat O'Connor
The days, they punish youPatrick Gleeson
Now more than everpatrick wakeling
The Canon's Yeoman's Second TalePaul Freeman
The Thin Linepauline rooney
If I've Got the BallsPeter Hill
Golf On The BrainPeter Kettle
Golf On The BrainPeter Kettle
The IslandPeter Rodgers
Honda 50Phil Byrne
The Magic of MigrationPolly Price
The Good WifeRachael Charmley
Her Last ShowRebecca F John
The Lizard KingRebecca Graham
Into InvisibleRhonda Collis
MoonlightRic Carter
Back CatalogueRichard Barnett
How To Make The Perfect Roll-UpRichard Knight
His Own Little VictoryRichard Raymond
God's SpeedRob Davies
What do you really think of me?Rob Ganley
Her name is EricaRob Perry
Man SurroundedRobert Arnott
AmenRobert Mundy
Trig pointRoisin Collins
Taking the BackseatRomi Jones
fridays like christmasronald callander
The Dream DispatcherRonnie Greig
Ten Fags GoneRory Duffy
Young Robins Don't have Red BreastsRory Duffy
Silent Givingrosemary jenkinson
Better Left UnsaidRuby Speechley
GroundedRuth Connelly
An Uncertain State.Ruth Geldard
The Date MateRuth Hayhurst
The CanaryRuth Rawcliffe
The Banana & Watermelon HeistRyan Parker
Meeting on the BeachS D West
The Life of a HouseSam Sudar
JackpotSamuel Wright
WinterreiseSara Baker
The Arrow of TimeSara Baker
Making MoussakaSara Roberts
The Mimi SpiritsSarah Mann
The CraneSarah Quigley
A Few Innocuous LinesSarah Sleeper
The Red HorseSaskia Ashby
Highly Effective Peoplescott winokur
Underground for the End of the WorldSeth Insua
Hera's EchoSeth Insua
The Dead Animals RegisterSeth Insua
Little Andy's CrySeth Insua
ProclamationsShannon Sweetnam
The Constant WinnerSharon Boyle
The WordsSimon Cornish
Blood in The LimeSiobhan Collins
Hammered GlassSiobhan Harte
MamaijiSohrab Fracis
One Hour, Three Times a WeekSonal Aggarwal
The Smell of People SleepingSophie Hampton
Grail/GropeStephen Policoff
The True Source of the Great Chicago Fire by Seamus McManusSteve Wiley
DilationStuart Bush-Harris
HeidiSue Cannon
Dandelion SeedsSue Cosgrave
Across The Rio NegroSue Cosgrave
Killing TimeSue Cosgrave
Uncle Isaac's Theory of Time and MomentumSue Guiney
Somewhere Nice to StaySue Harrop
The StormSusan Daniels
Fight LikeSusan McCreery
Are We in a Foreign Land?Susan McKeown
Stew and DumplingsSusan Shepherd
The peace with DanielSusanne Stich
The Summer KingSusie Murray
The Blue BottleTania Dain
The Visitors.Thomas Reilly
The Visitors.Thomas Reilly
A Love Of ArtToby Roebuck
They Live on NectarTom Bryan
CaughtTom Welsh
PrideToni Houston
As the world (re)turnsTracey Iceton
Every Advantage of a Beating HeartTracy Maylath
Penny for your ThoughtsTricia Holbrook
Birth PlanUschi Gatward
The BirdUschi Gatward
Dogs, Ducks and DrakesVal Jones
The Sensitive PlantVanessa Furse Jackson
The Walking WoundedVeronica Bright
The Carpenter, the Climber and the Refuse CollectorVictoria Heath
Helston BornWilliam Arnall-Culliford
The Tradewolfgang eulitz
The Motorbikewolfgang eulitz
The Car Salesmanwolfgang