Saturday, 9 May 2015

It's a poetry thing ...

It’s a poetry thing …


As the wave curled over, sweeping us through the salty waters of poetry day… Well, I was going to continue on this vein, but to write a whole blog post poetically could be done but instead, to put a finer point on it, I was honoured to be invited to read for Poetry Day Ireland 2015 last Thursday 7th May. I did so with the very talented Kerri Fitzgerald.

After the typically Irish thing of a cuppa beforehand, we got underway to a receptive crowd who were kind enough to take time out of their day to join us. We danced through sonnet and verse to do what we were asked, to deliver some poetry for the enjoyment of others.   

This day is another example of how important our libraries are and should be supported. Check out yours, you’ll be surprised what it has to offer.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Time Poor but love a good story ...


If you love to read but only have a few minutes spare, then Five Sentence Fiction is the solution, a complete story told in just five lines.

Thanks to Lillie McFerrin, this week’s prompt is: Memories.



The dark surrounds me. I tense as I hear the door open followed by footsteps closing in. I feel the cold knife pressed against my skin but it’s not used to sever my binds. I hear the sirens getting louder as they near, but they may not make it to me in time. So, I’ll take my memories, the one thing he could not take from me, and say goodbye.


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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Departure

Five Sentence Fiction time again folks thanks to Lillie McFerrin.

This week’s prompt is: Departure.

Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment. I appreciate the feedback.


Mistaken Identity

Gerard answered his mobile when he saw it was his twin brother Dean ringing, maybe he’d have an explanation about his girlfriend, Amy, where she’d gone and the reason her spare key to his apartment was left on the table. He’d contacted her friends and relatives but they refused to tell him where she was or how to get in contact, they seemed furious with him but no one would explain the reason for her sudden departure.

“Hey Gerard, look I wanted to apologise for using your spare key while you were away, bro, it had been worth it though and I promise you, I changed sheets.”

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, Dean, I’m only in the door.”

 “Crap! Who walk in on us so if it wasn’t you?”


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