Sunday, 3 November 2013

Are you exactly where you should be?

Do you know when you have that feeling, the one that says ‘this feels exactly like where I should be’?

I recently signed up to a Playwriting Mentorship Program with Playwright John Sheehy, ‘Fred and Alice’ and ‘Set in Stone’ are just two examples of his wonderful work and I decided to adapt my short story ‘Who Won the War?’ into a play.

As the program is progressing I can see my play unfold before my eyes. It was also decided that we do it as a group and as a result the feedback and development assistance is invaluable. So, I have the pleasure of learning much more about the art of playwriting while doing so in the company of some very talented writers, Mary Angland, Mary T Bradford and Mary Anne Bartlett (along with our mentor John Sheehy of course). This way I get to be present as their plays unfold and gain strength too. It is such a supportive and progressive environment.

We had a meeting recently where, I know that if we didn’t all have other things to do in our lives, we would have stayed working at the plays for the night.

This playwright phase in my life feels exactly like where I should be and I am loving every minute of the process.

Mary Angland and Mary Bradford’s award winning stories can also be found along with mine, Daniel Kaye’s, Micheál O’Flaherty’s and Roisin Peddle’s in the newly released ‘Just Because…’ available now on Amazon.

You can look inside … go on you know you want to.

Check out Mary Bradford’s short story collection ‘A Baker’s Dozen’ available on Kindle   or paperback

Daniel’s much anticipated debut novel ‘I, Vladimir’ is due out Autumn 2014.

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