Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Writing Against the Tide

I have a blinking cursor, where do I go from here?

After working a fifty eight hour week, at last I’m off. There wasn’t one of those hours where I didn’t pine for my writing. Three and a half days, that is the window of time I have to fit my writing into. Not just the writing, but also the housework, quality time with my hubby and dogs, catching up with my friends … who think I’ve moved to outer Mongolia with all this writing, and of course a bit of exercise. Then there is the writing sub-list which is as follows: write short stories, convert one short story into a play, write some poetry, finish editing the first novel, finish editing novel.

I decided to prioritise my writing. And so, I raced out the door this morning, after my walk, which served a dual purpose by catching up with one friend, kissing my husband goodbye, after promises we will definitely have a date night this week, throwing the ball for the dog, happy waggy tail in response, giving out to myself for the state of the house, and much neglected washing and ironing, into my car and onward to my local library, to focus myself. 

So, you would think that I’d be in the thick things by now, a number of items ticked off the writing list, that the inspiration and words would flow so well after all the dreaming I did about writing? But, no such luck. I sat for a minute looking at the blinking cursor before my two wonderful writing buddies said, ‘just write’. Well, at least this is one thing off the list.

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