Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Problems with managing your writing time?

Check out this article by Andrew De Young in the Huffington post about starting a writing habit that sticks.

He lists eight achievable points:


  1. I enjoyed the article, except for #5. Just can't agree with that one, but it's more of a personality thing. Small doesn't fly. It won't motivate. It won't inspire. That's because I'm a goal-driven person.

    My first goal was to write a book. Not a poem or short story--but an actual book-book. I know, not specific, but it was huge at the time. When I was done, I thought, "Huh. That was...kinda cool. I should do this bigger."

    So my next goal was to write a 500+ book. Did it. 3 times. Now writing 500 page books is my standard. What's next? I like his admonition to keep going....BUT, it has to be big!

    1. Wow, 500+ pages! That is dedication. Brilliant stuff!

      I think you're right about #5, Jaime. It can vary between personalities. I also think it depends in whether you are writing a first draft or editing. I find when I'm on a roll I just keep going and to hell with writing small amounts. Also, I don't believe in stopping mid-sentence so you know where to pick up the next day. Once it is coming I let it all out.

      However, if I'm editing and I give myself a goal of say, 50 pages in one sitting, then that overwhelms me and I would end up doing nothing. Whereas if I tell myself to do just 5 pages I find I end up doing more anyway.

      Thanks for your comments, Jamie.

      Getting into the habit of doing something is better than nothing.