Monday, 26 November 2012

Competition Bug Bears!

Don’t you just hate it when competition entries aren’t acknowledged?

Taking time out from novel writing, to pen a few short stories, is proving to be a good exercise for writers block. Instead of leaving those little babies in my folder I’ve been giving them wings and sending them off to competitions.

Now, most of the time you get an acknowledgement in some form or another but recently I entered a very interesting one. The task involved continuing on the story from the point the posted piece stopped. I read and re-read the piece, did some research (wanted to show that I made a huge effort) and wrote my addition with great enthusiasm. It was a short piece but a great opportunity to showcase my talent and ability.

Five hundred words were typed with gusto, pasted to an email and sent. Then I waited and waited and nothing. (Not that I sat looking at the computer like a moron for a week, but you know what I mean) Not even an automated response email to acknowledge receipt. The only hint that it ended up somewhere, is that the email didn’t bounce back. It leaves me with no way of knowing if they received it.

I appreciate that owing to a large amount of entries to these competitions they can’t make individual replies to everyone, but surely an automated response to let me know it was received isn’t too much to ask.

So, do I resend and risk looking like stalker or do I leave it and count my losses?

Oh what to do?


  1. I so agree with this post. I think when we writers enter a competition or respond to another writing request, it is infuriating when as the post above says, not even an automated response is received. It is a hard one to call regards whether you follow up with an email or not, I can't anmswer that other than to say when I have found myself in that position I left things lie. Then after a respectable few weeks/months depending on the closing date etc., I sent my work out to another competition etc.

  2. Thanks for that Mary. It is very frustrating. I just have to move on and release my writing to another home.