Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Editing Dilemma Part 2

Well here’s the update, I decided to hold onto my manuscript because I got a rush of editing inspiration. This came after a rejection ((boo hoo) I admit though, I sent it out a tad too soon) but it turned out to be ‘nice’ rejection because the agent took the time to give me some very constructive feedback (thank you again nice agent).

I applied the advice combined with other bits I’ve received and something just clicked.  I also seemed to have left it long enough before revisiting, therefore approaching it with fresh eyes. I am currently a third of the way through but I’m enjoying the editing this time. 

So, maybe when it’s complete it could be good practice to put some distance and still give it to said trusted writing colleague (refer to previous blog post). With less sleepless nights (because my characters have quietened and I’m making less additions and corrections in my head at night instead of trying to sleep) there is less chance of getting arrested for breaking his door down to get my manuscript back or I could just hide it in the attic, but would I be tempted to peek.

Oh what to do?

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  1. It is good that you are enjoying the editing, it makes the job so much easier. Well done !