Saturday, 27 April 2013

Do you like Sherry Trifle?

I have three questions for you to consider. At first you may not see the connection but read on:

Do you like Sherry Trifle? Where do you get your inspiration? Where do you write?

This is my answer:

I wrote a ballad after a funny conversation with a friend. We were discussing the notion of eating Sherry Trifle that was laced with alcohol. We wondered if you were stopped by the Guards how many portions of it would put you over the legal limit for driving. This particular friend I find very inspiring so I decided to pen a ballad based on our chat.

A train journey the following day provided the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper. The first train wasn’t too busy, so I scribbled away at my ease, sniggering to myself. I had a connection change to a smaller train that provided less occupancy for the passengers. I took my seat and resumed my writing while continuing to giggle and laugh to myself as ‘The Ballad of the Sherry Trifle’ told its story.

All of a sudden I looked up and noticed how packed the train was but I remained at a four (small) seater table, on my own!

Well, the balled got written, I travelled in comfort and now I know how to gain the best space on a packed train.

Oh and according to the ballad what happened to the man who ate too much Sherry Trifle…well you’ll just have to watch this space and see.


  1. Marie this shows that inspiration is all around us and you never know what you will write, be it poem, prose or ballad. All I want now is to hear you sing it.

  2. The singing could be dodgy Mary, but if I eat enough of this yummy stuff I might!!