Saturday, 11 May 2013

Do you ever suffer writing hangovers?


Is there such a thing as word binging, word fatigue or even a word hangover? If there is I think I’m suffering from it.
 From a productive point of view it’s been a fantastic week. I said I would, and did make a great run at my writing. I sit here today itching to write more of my second novel or pen the winner of the next short story or poetry competition. I long to develop and expand my literary vocabulary but I’m exhausted. I think I have binged so much on words this week that I’m in a word slump. I still have loads I want to say, declare and proclaim, so to speak, on paper. I want to plant dark lettered seeds from fertile ideas, within blank white pages, to grow and configure something entertaining and reaction provoking.
It’s just… I feel like I’ve run the writing equivalent of a marathon. The mind is willing but the fingers are weak. It is futile taking a long break from it, (I don’t want to anyway) because that’s when they start tapping at my inner skull. Yes they, those characters that want to be born, give a speech or just make a remark. Once my pen gives birth to them they give me a little rest. Actually I’ve given them a lot of opportunity to speak this week so they need to give me a little break. Not long, just a little rest…until the next word binging session. So… bring it on!

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  1. i love what you are doing. please love mine:"homosexuals have come to heaven" on smashwords.