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My Writing Process Blog Hop #MyWritingProcess

Today is my turn on #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour, where writers and authors answer questions about their writing processes. I was invited to take part in this by a great writing friend of mine Daniel Kaye, who posted about his work last week He is an inspirational writer that I have learned a lot from. His dedication to writing is absolute. It is definitely worth taking a look at his writing process too. His novel I, Vladimir is due out later this year from Gentry Publishing. Not only that, he is working on the second in the series Anonymous Jack. I have the pleasure of writing in the company of Daniel and another writer Mary T. Bradford in our local library and as such glean from their vast knowledge.



Before telling you about my writing process, I’d like to fill you in on with what #MyWritingProcess means:


“We writers share these things, but informally during workshops and at conferences (and, for a handful of established writers, in printed interviews), but not so much through our open-forum blogs. With the hashtag #MyWritingProcess, you can learn how writers all over the world answer the same four questions. How long it takes one to write a novel, why romance is a fitting genre for another, how one’s playlist grows as the draft grows, why one’s poems are often sparked by distress over news headlines or oddball facts learned on Facebook…”



What am I working on?


I have my fingers in a couple of pies at the moment, one of which is Who Won the War? This is a one act play that I converted from a short story. It is in the final editing stage and is due for its rehearsed reading in July this year at the famous Friars' Gate Theatre in Co. Limerick. I’m also working on the second in a series of crime thrillers, the first one is entitled No Time to Cry. One of the main characters from this one, Detective Sharon North returns to investigate more crimes. This next one is yet untitled but it will come to me as the story unfolds. The first in the series No Time to Cry shines a light on Ireland as a destination for the international crime of human trafficking. Young girls are conveyed from earthquake ravaged Haiti, after being recruited via a local hospital. This hospital was set up as a front to offer medical relief to these girls and their families. Detective Garda Sharon North and Detective Sergeant Dave Richards investigate as the perpetrators try to escape justice and commit more crimes along the way. Assistance comes from an unlikely source and they suspect that one offender is within their own ranks.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?


This is set in a fictional police station in Ireland. The main character is female. She is very capable and has to focus on her tasks without bringing her own personal feelings into play.  Human Trafficking is a harrowing crime and a very real and dangerous threat to young vulnerable girls. Because of this it was important for me to highlight the issue.


Why do I write what I do?


I’ve discovered the love of this genre. I find the research fascinating and what I have learned on the journey of writing this novel is amazing. It has made me more aware of certain issues and I found people in the know most accommodating to my queries and questions. My first novel Subtle Changes is a psychological thriller and while I loved writing this, I think the crime area is my forte.


How does my writing process work?


Some writers get ultra-organised before they start and know exactly how they want the story to go. However, I have discovered that this is not for me. I prefer to write as if I am reading the novel for the first time and let the twists and turns unfold as I go along. Also, write what you know and if you don’t then find a way to research, but enjoy your subject. If you do not, it will show. You cannot expect a reader to get excited about your topic if it does not excite you.


Then, read it over as three people: the writer, the reader and the critic. This requires you to step back, give your writing some space and revisit it with fresh eyes. When you do this do not be afraid to cut what doesn’t work. Do not discard what you cut, keep a separate ‘cuts folder’ because you never know, it might work elsewhere. (Thank you Daniel Kaye for this particular piece of advice).


Most importantly don’t be afraid to get your bum in that seat and start writing, you’d be amazed at what you can unlock.


Finally my other piece of advice would be to connect with other writers, you will learn so much and I haven’t met a writer yet who isn’t generous and giving with advice and encouragement.



Next up I’d like to introduce you to two writing buddies of mine, both of whom are in America.


First up is the multi-talented Natalie Buske Thomas. She is an accomplished artist, and regularly posts youtube clips of her process, and of course the writer of the Serena Wilcox series which is available on Amazon


Psst … If you are lucky enough to be a member of Charleville library, there is a copy of her trilogy available there. 


I’ll let her tell you more…


Bio: Natalie Buske Thomas is the author of suspenseful, clever, humorous and "seriously creepy" contemporary time travel fiction and mystery novels, and the artist of oil paintings, book covers, and picture book illustrations. Journey into her imagination in this short video:



Connect with Natalie through her blog:




The next person I have the pleasure of introducing you to is Jaime Buckley. Another multi-talented artist who writes epic fantasy novels and creates games. Check out


He tells it best….


Jaime Buckley is a husband, father of 12, and the creator of For more than 20 years he's been teaching, uplifting and inspiring youth and for the past ten years, done so through epic fantasy stories. 13 comics, 2 graphic novels and 10 books later, he's just getting started. With a passion for the human soul, he makes a full time living as an Indie Author and game creator. Check out his daily blog at or follow him on Twitter, @wantedhero." 


Connect with Jaime through his blog


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