Tuesday, 20 January 2015

When your pen weighs you down ...

With very good reason I put my writing on hold for a little while, I plan to share this with you later. I recently picked up my pen and found it to be heavier than it used to be. Blank, nothing, something had invaded my creativity and removed all my ideas. Or had it?

Last year I got involved in a very exiting venture, writing plays with amazing writers, Mary T Bradford, published author of ‘My Husband’s Sin’ and ‘A Baker’s Dozen’, shortlisted author and poet Mary Angland and short listed author and poet, Mary-Anne Barlett under the mentorship of playwright, writer and director of Callback Theatre, John Sheedy. This year we are collaborating to write one play to be staged later in the year. So, onward and upward as I dragged my former ‘bursting with ideas’ self to my playwright’s meeting wondering what to contribute. It got underway and we started brainstorming. It could have been the creative atmosphere, the location, Friar’s Gate Theatre, or an unknown entity because in an instant my pen started to feel lighter as ideas sparked. It felt amazing. I no longer felt weighed down.

The meeting was a huge success, we made great progression and I left with a wonderful buzz from taking part in an activity that I love.

While it started off as heavy it was well worth picking that pen back up.

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