Monday, 23 September 2013

Poetry's Rich Rewards

Poetry is written for the love of it. The monetary gain aspect of it is a far reaching promise that appears to the rare few.

Recently, a friend asked me to write a poem for her, to give to her husband as a gift. I used to do this a lot when I was younger. I once converted a poem I’d made for a bride on her hen night for the best man to read as a speech. Heavy censoring needed to be done, but it was recited by the best man to huge applause. I’m sure the video is out there somewhere.  Anyway back to the present, I agreed to her request, but she wanted to pay me, this I refused. 

Once she knew I wasn’t taking payment, I sat with pen in hand and asked her for a few details and it was up to her how personal she got. Let me say, she revealed quite a bit. Armed with my information, I left and scripted the piece. I returned shortly, with a four stanza poem for her to give to her husband which was, as such, from her. She was very happy and insisted on paying me again. But, after I refused she then gave me something else as payment… a dozen organic free-range eggs. Reassured with the fact that any hunger pangs would be kept away with my wonderful treat, I carried them home and stocked my fridge.

Later that night I sent her a message wondering how the poem went down with her husband. I can only assume that it was received quite well, because she wanted to know when she’d meet me again to give me more of her organic free-range eggs.

Who says you won’t get rich on poetry, eh.

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