Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Take a breather and consider….

When you’re writing a scene, as it unfolds in your imagination, do you visualise the weather in the particular scene? If you do, is it largely influenced by the weather conditions you are writing in at the time?

I’ve discovered that if the day is nice outside my window, then that is what I imagine my character to be in, as I work through a chapter or section of my novel or short story. It has come to my attention because Ireland has been having a lot of sunshine lately. Prior to this, I imagined my characters in cold and wet climates, which is typical Irish weather.

Also, does your mood influence what type of story you write, i.e. sad, happy, romantic or creepy? This, I must think about, but generally I find that mood only influences the result, which is either a productive one or not.

Long may the sunny Irish weather continue!

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