Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Good news to share - my poem 'Friendship' - came runner up in Caring for Carers Ireland National Poetry Competition

I’m sharing good news. My poem ‘Friendship’ came runner-up in the ‘Caring for Carers Ireland National Poetry Competition’. Well done to the winner Clara Hurley with her poem ‘Weaver’, click here to read her well deserved winning poem http://www.caringforcarers.ie/2013/02/friendships-bring-out-the-creative-side-of-carers/ I’d like to share mine with you here:


My heart is adorned,

with many treasures,

my friend’s names,

embroidered throughout.


Scribed on the surface,

then absorbed deep,

where I keep them

safeguarded within.


My heart has lodgings,

for friends new and old,

blood may flow through,

but it’s bursting with gold.


  1. Many congratulations Maire, a wonderful poem.

  2. Thanks Mary and thanks for taking the time to read. Glad you enjoyed it!