Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I am a writer...

This may look like some obvious declaration to the world but it's not. I shall explain, Mary Bradford http://marytbradford-author.blogspot.ie drew my attention recently to a great competition at http://www.carousel-creates.com . They gave us four words 'I am a writer' as inspiration to write a piece. As the very worthy winners have been announced, (big congrats to Hazel Gaynor, John McCarthy and Grace Tierney and those who were short listed), I’d like to share what I wrote with you. I found it a very worthy exercise. Perhaps it will give you cause to ponder, feel free to share your thoughts:

I am a writer…

I ask my computer daily if it is ready to consume the words I’m about to write. I can feel its anticipation and sometimes I can’t type fast enough for my brain.  Then other times sit there for ages with the cursor blinking, teasing, inviting but performance anxiety gets to me and nothing pops into my head. I revert on occasion to simpler tools and choose to use pen and paper. I can even sometimes feel the journey the words take from my brain, along my arms and out through my fingers.

It’s enriched me, initiating a wonder about creativity. I look at things different to how I used to. My awareness level peaks as I absorb things that surround me. They were always around me I just didn’t appreciate them.  Now, I don’t just read a book, I immerse myself in it. I don’t just watch a movie, I appreciate how it is constructed. I think about what the person may have thought when they wrote the script. How they sat down and put everything together.

It also awakened the critic in me. I find I edit everything, people speaking, reporters on telly, D.J.’s on the radio. It’s funny because I also edit myself. I find that I have to stop and spell the simplest of words that rolled off my tongue before.

Most of all I love the journey writing takes me on. By sharing it I can bring others along too. I don’t need a vehicle to transport my readers, I don’t need to tax and insure my computer or paper. It’s a free ride on an adventure because I am a writer.


  1. Wonderful writing, Marie! Looking forward to writing with you at carousel!