Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lets Talk Books

I got the opportunity, along with authors Daniel Kaye, Declan Kearney and Mary Bradford, to speak about the launch of Anthology 'Windows of Words' that we have contributed to, on BCR 92.6. We also get to mention our own books: Daniel Kaye's collection of 'Eleventh Hour'; his novel due for release soon 'I, Vladimir'; Mary T Bradford's 'collection of short stories 'A Baker's Dozen ' and her new novel 'A Thorn in my Side' and my own just completed novel 'Subtle Changes'.

Charleville Writers Group: Declan Kearney, Mary Bradford and Marie O' Halloran of the Charleville Writers Group popped in to the studio recently to talk to Charlotte about what the group is up to and about their upcoming book launch.

For Mary's collection:

Mary's book is available here! Easy peasy just click the link!

For Daniel's collection:

Get Daniel's book here! Easy peasy just click the link!