Thursday, 21 March 2013

One Last Check Before Pressing Send

Ready to send your novel out for consideration?

You are cross-eyed, demented and you swear you will do something drastic if you have to read those first few lines again! You've felt like you have gone over it enough and you copy and paste it into the email after composing it with care.

Subject entered, destination address entered, then your finger hovers as you ready yourself to press send...but wait, just give it one more read after you copy it to the body of the email.

It is a different format so giving it a reread might highlight that little error you may have scanned over or missed by the skin of it's teeth. Usually, it's only up to ten pages to be submitted. It's not as if you have to go over the entire three hundred and odd pages again.

So give it one last check before pressing send.


  1. This is so true, how many of us have hovered our fingers over that send button before committing ourselves?
    Great piece, Marie.

    1. Thank you Daniel. You could look at it until you're blue in the face and still miss the smallest thing!

  2. Best of luck with your novel Marie. You are spot on with this piece, it is vital to check and recheck before you hit the send button.

    1. Thanks a million Mary. As many times as I've edited my novel, I decided to give the pieces I intended to submit that one last read. It surprised me what I found.

      I'll keep everyone posted as to how I get on!